Controversial Comedy

Joe Boxer’s Jingle Bells TV commercial this year had me in stitches.  Six attractive young men, donning those unique briefs and calling attention to them with a little hip shake has gotten more media exposure than the marketing execs at Kmart probably expected.  It’s fun, flirty, and definitely differentiates Joe Boxer from their competition.  However, critics have been vocal on Kmart’s Facebook page calling the ad “disgusting” and some threatening to never shop at Kmart again.  All I can say is “Really”?  Have you seen the Toys R Us Field Trip ad?  That’s the one about which you should be upset.

raspberryA Toys R Us rep dressed like a forest ranger, explains that he’s taking the kids on the best field trip they’ve ever had.  At first the kids believe they are going to the forest to experience the great outdoors. However, they are surprised, once they are on their way on the bus, to learn they are going to Toys R Us instead, which is really the best field trip ever.  So, parents, remember that materials goods and toys trump nature and healthy outdoor activity when it comes to your kids.  For this message I would like to nominate Toys R Us for a raspberry award.

While sometimes advertisers miss the mark with their messaging, in the spirit of this Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for the humorous creatives in my profession.  So this blog post is a salute to the funny commercials that make marketing such a joy for me.  Here are a couple clips that I hope you enjoy.  Happy Thanksgiving.

~Dr. Seuzz

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