You Don’t Need a Submarine to Play with a Periscope

If you thought that Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram, and Vine could keep you uber connected, you need to check out a relatively new kid on the playground. Periscope, a smart phone or tablet app, was launched in late March 2015 from Twitter. Its allows you to broadcast live streaming video out to the world and, vice versa, allows you into the lives of anyone broadcasting. Viewers can see and hear what you’re scoping (yes, that’s the lingo) then comment back to the scoper via text-like messages.

PeriscopeHere’s a screen shot of a map of the world. The numbers indicate how many scopers are broadcasting in each area. Interested in what folks are doing in London? Click on the number and a list of headlines comes up from which you can choose. You can also see how many people are viewing each feed. To view, simply tap on the one that interests you.

In a way this is like having your own television station where the viewers can instantly tell you what’s on their minds through a text-like feature. They can also show love via hearts. Tapping on the screen will send up a heart for each tap; constant flows of hearts are counted and can be encouraging for the scoper with what they are broadcasting.

You can’t really see the moniker on the text, but that’s me communicating with a guy who was singing and playing guitar. Pretty cool, huh?

Periscope texts
Periscope texts

These videos are available for 24 hours then disappear.

The big question for us marketers is how to more effectively leverage the use of this tool. I’ve been periscoping for about 8 months and want to share my observations:

  • Headlines are one key to getting someone to click on your feed. Headlines like “India hotel on fire” or “I just got pulled over” are pretty attention grabbing. Some less shocking but still potentially attractive ones can include “I’m bored. Ask me questions”, “Observations from a middle aged black man”, and “I will sing anything you type” also are quite popular. (FYI, the singing ones can be HILARIOUS).
  • High numbers of viewers also tend to draw attention. Who doesn’t want to see what 400 people are watching, even if the headline is boring? Something must be interesting…
  • Viewers tend to like commentary from the scoper and stay longer when this is present. Even if viewers are not actively commenting, the voyeur element plus voice helps the viewer feel more connected.
  • Multilevel marketers use Periscope a lot to broadcast their sales seminars.

The following are a few thoughts I have for incorporating Periscope into your marketing activities to leverage this avenue.

  • Have a plan for your scopes on what/how you are going to broadcast then announce the day and time on social media, email, text, however you communicate with your audience. (Include a link to directions on how to download the app just in case.)
  • Include an incentive, such as a giveaway or discount code during the broadcast to encourage viewership.
  • Depending upon the topic and your business, consider moving around as you broadcast. This generates more excitement that a static view…but don’t move around too quickly or the feed will look spastic.
  • Demonstrate your product if possible.
  • Encourage viewers to ask questions. Make sure you respond quickly and immediately as best you can. If someone says “Hi from Dayton OH”, say “Hi Dayton, OH” right back.
  • Behind the scenes broadcasts can be very exciting because, well, no one usually sees this 🙂
  • Ask viewers to share their email addresses in the comments if anyone who wants more information. Remember these videos are available for 24 hours so you can review them and retrieve contact information.

Who uses Periscope and what are your thoughts on this app?

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